Spiritual But Not Religious, Just Inane

NEW YORK—“I’m spiritual but not religious.”


Why do people say this?

Yes, we know you’re spiritual. Everybody is spiritual. Mafia hitmen are spiritual. We’re all made up of body, soul, and spirit. So why are you telling me about it?

Or maybe you mean “spiritual” in the sense of the old “Negro spirituals,” meaning songs about Jesus—but no, we have to rule that one out because that would probably require a choir, which would require a church, which would require something religious.

But wait! There’s actually a Wikipedia entry called “Spirituality,” so maybe some spiritual-but-not-religious Ph.D.s from Jonathan Livingston Seagull University have been posting there.

Nope, not helpful. According to the article, spirituality can involve:

(1) seeking the image of God.
(2) seeking the image of God in man.
(3) seeking the “deepest values and meanings by which people live.”
(4) belief in the supernatural.
(5) belief in personal growth.
(6) quest for ultimate meaning.
(7) quest for sacred meaning.
(8) religious experience. (How did this one get in there?)
(9) encountering one’s own inner dimension. (No idea what that means, but you can encounter a lot of your inner dimension with a few Pabst …

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