Texas and California: Unlikely Partners?

Texas has little in common with California. To the contrary, these two American titans enjoy an arch-rivalry that is unparalleled in the current Union of States. However, politics makes strange bed-fellows, and Texas and California do currently share one important thing that could lay the ground-work for future cooperation: a growing belief that our futures lay on the other side of Union.

In this vein, I would like to walk you through a completely hypothetical scenario. I’d like to stress that this scenario is not advocated or recommended by anyone: this is merely a thought experiment.

The scenario goes like this.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is fully aware that the US Dollar is on borrowed time. Experts are certain that in a period of months or weeks the financial markets will crash, just as JP Morgan is currently predicting. The correction will be catastrophic for Texans, but will also spell certain doom for the US Government as rising interest rates will cause the cost of servicing the debt to soar into the trillions. The Governor knows that historically when governments transcend such conditions, the easiest solution is merely form a new government, abandoning all previous debts. Texas has known

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