The Last Normal Man on Earth

Identity Dixie – I wonder if anyone else ever felt like this – the last normal white man on Earth. I know I certainly did before joining the Alt-Right. I’d look around, almost always in a public place, and say to myself, “What the hell happened?” It’s like the American public literally turned into zombies, ghouls or vampires. Where are the normal people?

Now, I don’t live in an upscale area; an area dotted with Whole Foods, outdoor shopping malls, physically fit people comfortable wearing turtlenecks and having graduate degrees. Those are financially walled-off prime SWPL zones. That’s not to say I couldn’t blend in there, it’s just that I live in the hinterlands with the rest of the forgotten people. And, we sure have been forgotten. Forgotten by “our” charlatan politicians. Forgotten by our economy (there’s practically no blue collar skilled work available anymore). Forgotten by our culture. Hell, my people have completely forgotten who they are…

Source: The Last Normal Man on Earth – Identity Dixie

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