The Westminster Confession Is Kinism: Conclusion

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We reach now the finish of our series on the Westminster Confession. If it has been lengthy, it was born of no small necessity. It is precisely the widespread misconstrual and distortion of Westministerian thought today that compelled this response. Because those who have seized the positions of influence in the Reformed circles are openly endeavoring to transition the churches into the thinking of the world. At present half of our Presbyterian churchmen deny that the church ever endorsed Kinist thought (because it is so heinous), and the other half admit it only to denounce the whole of the historic church. Neither of these positions can be made to comport with the worldview of the divines or that of the generations of our fathers to carry the confession into the new world and the nations at large.

Take for instance, Samuel Davies, the “Apostle of Virginia” whom Martin Lloyd-Jones identified as “the greatest American preacher”; famed, among other things, for his evangelism to the Cherokees and Black slaves in America, Davies yet taught

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