Travis Park Confederate Monument awaiting its fate

SAN ANTONIO – Flowers cover the ground where for more than 100 years, a statue once stood.

“The area of Travis Park was a confederate campground at one time. It was a confederate hospital at one time,” said Robin Terrazas, local chapter president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

She takes a stroll around Travis Park’s circular brick centerpiece, now filled with potting soil and annuals.

But in 1899, she says the very same spot was surrounded not by flowers, but by the citizens of San Antonio, eager to patch things up after a brutal Civil War and remember those who gave their lives with a 40-foot statue and a time capsule, capturing the essence of the end of a century.

“The statue really was a celebration of this country coming back together,” Tarrazas said. “Families who had fought against one another now reunited and ready to move forward.”

It’s been six months since city crews removed the controversial memorial. The UDC sued in federal court, and it appears taxpayers will end up footing the bill as the city battles with what to do with it…

Source: Travis Park Confederate Monument awaiting its fate | WOAI

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