What Does “International Women’s Day” Even Mean When Men Are Women Too?

What does “International Women’s Day” even mean in a world where men are women too?

Besides the obvious fact that I’m a woman-hating, transphobic bigot for even asking the question.

If being a woman is simply a matter of momentary identification, then what’s the big deal? Where’s the value? Where’s the meaning? What exactly is left to celebrate? Or defend?

And if that momentary identification can (and often does) change from year to year, month to month, or moment to moment, then what does the “woman” category even mean, if anything, in an objective sense? It sure seems like it doesn’t mean anything substantive at all anymore…which, when you stop to notice, is the whole point.

The point of Cultural Marxism, secular Progressivism, Feminism, and other strains of the satanic virus that’s permeated and reshaped our culture, is that meaning itself is to be undone.

Marriage, family, gender, and sex are not merely to be redefined. They’re to be undefined. Relentless redefinition is merely the means by which undefinition is to be accomplished.

In order to fulfill the Progressive mandate against discriminating against anyone who wants to be “married” (as they define it), marriage itself must inevitably be …

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