What will you do when comes the inevitable gun ban?

A friend recently suggested that I read a blog entitled: “Preparing for the Inevitable American Gun Ban.”*

I found the first part of that three part article to be in accord with what I have thought and anticipated for some time now.

The author says: “A full gun ban in the United States is inevitable. Any honest reading of the cultural, legal, and demographic trends in the United States will confirm this thesis– the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall be infringed, and we will lose our firearms.”

He goes on to note several things that make a gun ban inevitable. Amongst them: a permanently changing culture, the loss of a Biblical world view in America, secularization and multiculturalization of our values, a post-Constitutional legal environment, changing demographics via immigration, etc.

In part three of the article the author concludes: “Our nation and our people have changed, and our laws will follow. Human nature will not change. It is my belief that our future will be defined by the heavy hand of government. Scripture teaches that a centralized, oppressive regime will rule mankind in the last days. . . . One day we will

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