Why Don’t White Americans Play Basketball?

It’s March, and that means that it’s time for the annual ritual of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, also known as “March Madness.” Whites have been steadily driven away from basketball since the 1970-80s, when the Black Power movement imposed its culture on the ABA (American Basketball Association) and the high-flying antics of slam dunkers “Dr. J.” Julius Erving, Ralph Sampson, and Michael Jordan took over the NBA. Since then the number of white American men participating in the sport has steadily declined, to the point that black ESPN commentator Michael Wilbon asked why there weren’t any white Americans in the 2006 NBA All-Star Game.

The ESPN-owned black sports website, The Undefeated, did a follow-up 2016 article on the subject of the disappearing white American basketball player. The five white men who agreed to talk about the subject uniformly supported black protests against the national anthem and loved hip-hop music. One of them, Chandler Parsons, thought the reason why there weren’t more white Americans in the league was because of whites’ genetic inferiority.

The NBA is a collection of some of the most athletic guys in the world. And white guys just aren’t that athletic.

Maybe the …

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