10 Real Meanings Of “We Can’t Afford To Homeschool!”

What would you give up in housing, car(s), clothes, vacations, and/or toys in order to get (or keep) your little ones out of the State-run “education” system and secure for them in its place both daily on-site parenting and a Christ-centered approach to the pursuit of knowledge?

Would you be willing significantly downgrade your home in order to make it economically possible for one parent to stay home and supervise the Christ-centered home education of your littles? Maybe move out of a mid-level suburb into a smaller, less well equipped pad?

What about your car(s)? Would you downgrade your vehicle(s) in order to help make hands-on parenting and a Christ-centered education a reality for your kids?

Would you be willing to give up quality, or even mid-level vacations? What about high-end  clothes? Could you downgrade those?

Would you trade off expensive or semi-expensive hobbies if that made the difference?

What, if anything, would you be willing to give up or rearrange to secure an on-site parent and Christ-centered approach to education for your children?

These are questions that most people who claim that they “can’t afford to homeschool” simply do not want to answer (or even think about), and for …

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