A Review of ‘The Problem of Slavery in Christian America’, Part 6: Separation of Families and Systematic Injustice

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: McDurmon’s Rejection of Christendom and Embrace of Egalitarianism
Part 3: McDurmon’s Use of Sources
Part 4: The Slave Trade and Slave Breeding
Part 5: Rape


McDurmon insists that black families were routinely severed by greedy slave owners who frequently sold husbands, wives, and children separately without regards to the bonds of marriage. McDurmon also complains about the intrinsic injustices of the American legal system that stacked the deck against blacks. Let’s examine these claims in order.

Families Torn Asunder

Joel McDurmon insists that the separation and rupture of slave families is “one of the most censurable atrocities of American slavery.”1 McDurmon argues on several occasions that masters “separated family members on a routine basis. We know that slave sales, the domestic trade, and planter migrations all forced the separation of slave families, usually permanently. Institutional slavery did this as well, usually separating children from parents or spouses from each other to different renters each year.”2 Again, “it forcibly ruptured the families of the enslaved: spouses from each other, parents from children, and more.”

McDurmon asserts that R.L. Dabney is deliberately lying about the breakup of slave families: “Not even the lowest of …

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