Claiming “In Christ” To Avoid Christ: Militant Vagueness As The Hip New Thing

“I don’t need to worry about the details of _______ , because I’m ‘in Christ’.”

“Since I’m content being ‘in Christ”, I don’t have to worry about doing any particular thing in any particular way.”

“As long as we’re ‘in Christ’, we don’t need to make a big deal out of specifics on things like children’s education, biblical manhood, biblical womanhood, or anything else, really.”

Have you been hearing, reading, and seeing a lot of this lately in Christian circles?

Me too.

Which is kinda sad, but not surprising.

For a growing number of professing Christians in America, the claim to being “in Christ” has become an ever-ready, reflexively deployed shield of protection and deflection from whatever it is that Jesus might have actually commanded in detail on any particular subject. As this movement has grown, a deeply religious devotion to militant vagueness has swept the land and shaped the culture.

Vague, purposefully ill-defined spirituality masquerading as Christianity has become not only normative in much of the Christian sub-culture, but, ironically, quite militant, aggressive, and committed to its expansion. If you push back even slightly against this stuff, there’s a good chance you’ll experience some serious, hard core self-righteous indignation …

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