Critical Race Theory & The Radical Stupidity Of Dividing The Church By Race

Two things we need to know as Social Justice Warriors of all kinds strive to advance the cause of Cultural Marxism throughout the land:

1. Critical Theory is a big deal right now, in both secular and Christian subcultures.

2. Critical Theory is not to be confused with critical thought. Truth be told, the two concepts could not be more distinct or more in opposition to one another, which should be an early clue as to the incredible danger Critical Theory represents.

Critical Theory is the means by which Cultural Marxism (which is just plain ol’ Marxism at its core) is systematically advanced according to the prescription of Communist intellectuals from the Frankfurt School. (I don’t have the time to elaborate on these elements here, but I hope to in the near future. In the meantime, please google or research “the Frankfurt School” and “Critical Theory” in order to get a better sense of their meaning and relevance to our current cultural implosion.)

As of late, there’s been a remarkable lurch toward open racism and dividing the church by race, ironically advocated by church leaders who are supposedly opposed to racism and wanting to bring unity to the church. Recent …

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