Cultural Marxism & The Marinovian Industrial Complex

You’re either with ’em or you’re against ’em.

You either obey the authoritative edicts of their Great Leaders or you will suffer their wrath.

You either submit to their hierarchal pyramid of sin seriousness or you will be harassed, impugned, and shouted down to the best of their ability (which, thankfully, is a level of ability that’s been decreasing by the day for a while now).

You either disassociate from those they deem heretics or they will unleash their dogs of Inquisition upon your noncompliant little self, with said dogs drenched in all manner of SJW/Cultural Marxist tools and trinkets, including, of course, The Race Card, deployed hand in glove with its familiar escorts:  Comical/nauseating virtue-signaling and emotion-drenched monologue punctuation marks aimed at painting anyone who dares disagree as heartless, cruel, and, of course, probably (if not certainly) a racist.

Their mission to purity the church on their terms as dictated by their leaders and advanced by their Ministerial Industrial Complex (MIC) seems to know no bounds, at least none that keep it from sinking deeper and deeper into synchronicity with the SJW/Cultural Marxist vibe that’s already overtaken so much of the culture.

For those who are new to this …

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