Europeans: Southern Accent Sexiest

Southern Belle on the veranda at Dunleith Plantation, Natchez, Mississippi.

The sexiest European accent, in my honest and well-honed opinion, is British, followed by Irish, followed by French, followed by Spanish, followed by Danish, followed by Greek, followed by Italian, followed by German, followed by some indeterminate accents my ignorant ears can’t place yet. American twang just can’t compare to the lilting music from across the pond, but Europeans have their own preferences, and they’ve picked a favorite regional accent here — apparently, Europeans find Southern accents to be the sexiest.

Indeed, language-learning app Babbel partnered with European hostel-booking site Generator Hostels to see which American dialects most appealed to them. Linguistics asked European hostel workers from 43 countries to poll the following accents: Bostonian, Deep South, Midwestern, Minnesotan, New Yorker, Southern Californian and Texan. Here’s how they ranked:

  1. Deep South (20 percent)
  2. New Yorker (18 percent)
  3. Bostonian (17 percent)
  4. Southern Californian (16 percent)
  5. Texan (14 percent)
  6. Midwestern (10 percent)
  7. Minnesotan (5 percent)

As a native New Yawker, I’m impressed my home dialect ranked so high on the list, though I don’t actually have much accent (my sister, on the other hand, says “Yeeeeah” and “cawfee” like a character …

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