Going Loudly into That Good Night: Joel McDurmon in Full Meltdown Mode

Any hunter or soldier will tell you that the most dangerous enemy is oftentimes one in its death throes. And nowhere has this been demonstrated more starkly as the good ship American Vision sails into the gaping maw of the whirlpool’s vortex under the tutelage of its mad Ahab, Joel McDurmon. The man has gone full rabid, and if his disgustingly opportunistic transmogrification of AV into a haven for black militants and white fellow travelers collapses that once-august organization into Chapter 11, he’s going to make damn good and sure he takes down as many of his betters with him as he can. This is what happens when you send a spoiled child out to do a man’s job.

McDurr, to put it bluntly, is an utter failure. This ward of Gary North’s, suffering from a cringeworthy midlife crisis (probably with all the failures of libido that implies) and an utter lack of business acumen, in a desperate attempt to bring relevance back to his rapidly ossifying ministry, thought it would be a neat-o keen idea to slander a couple of ‘racists’, as that utterly accursed subset of humanity is devoid of any consideration of fundamental decency, anyway. To that …

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