Hanover County School Board to Decide Fate of School Names and Mascots – Community Says Leave Them Alone


  In the months since we first alerted you of the attempt by a small group of agitators to change the name of Lee-Davis High School and Stonewall Jackson Middle School in Hanover County, Virginia, much has transpired.

News of the possible name change spread quickly through Hanover County and the reaction by citizens was swift and decidedly AGAINST any changes.  As of this writing, the petition to change the names has 2349 signatures, and the petition to keep the names the same has almost 8,000 signatures.  You can access the petition here if you have not already signed it:


After several meetings where citizens spoke out overwhelmingly in favor of leaving the names of the schools and mascots alone, the county set up a survey to gather community feedback.

The results were overwhelming.  A clear majority of respondents said the board should keep the names of two schools named after Confederate leaders.

At its March 12 School Board meeting, the board, which has the power to change the names, was presented with the results of a survey conducted this year. A total of 76 percent of the 13,374 respondents said Stonewall Jackson Middle School and Lee-Davis

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