Illegal Alien Killed Man In Alcohol-Fueled Crash In North Carolina

RALEIGH, NC (WRAL) – A man was being held Monday on an ICE detainer following a weekend crash that killed another man and critically injured his wife.

Jesus Velez-Alvarado, 28, of Wilmington, has been charged with driving while impaired, driving the wrong way, felony by serious injury by vehicle, open containers and driving without a license, the State Highway Patrol said. Velez-Alvarado was being held Monday at the Wake County jail. He appeared in court Monday afternoon for a first-appearance hearing.

The presiding judge allowed his $50,000 bond to remain the same, and Velez-Alvarado was ordered to return to court on April 30.

“They should put him away for life,” said Clayton Owens after the hearing.

Owens’ son, Leroy Owens, 47, and daughter-in-law Lakeatia Owens, 44, were going the right way on Knightdale Boulevard at Old Milburnie Road when Velez-Alvarado, driving on the wrong side of the road, slammed into them head-on.

Leroy Owens died, and, family members said, Lakeatia Owens’ condition is “pretty grave.” She had five hours of surgery Sunday.

Their daughter put her faith in God over the justice system after learning of the crash.

“Even if justice doesn’t prevail, I know that God is …

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