It’s Not Government’s Job To License Professionals

Free men and women don’t go to the State for permission to pursue a profession.

They simply pursue the profession.

Free men and women aren’t required to submit to the State in order to earn the right to use their God-given talents and abilities.

They simply use their God-given talents and abilities.

Free men are – get this – free to use their God-given talents and abilities to pursue professional activities knowing that other free men and women will test, judge, reward, and/or punish them according to standards of quality and honesty freely established in the free market.

See how this freedom thing works?

See how it just cuts the State out entirely where things like regulating and licensing professions are concerned?

If you do see how freedom works in this most basic sense, then you should also be able to see why the State hates freedom.

The State hates free people.

The State hates free markets.

The State desperately wants you and I to believe that without the State there to “protect” us from unqualified, shabby, deceptive, dishonest people by way of State licensing, State regulation, and State control over every meaningful aspect of economic life and culture, we …

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