Jordan Cooper on Kinism

Rev. Jordan Cooper has posted a YouTube video addressing “racism in the church.” Cooper is a confessional Lutheran pastor who publishes a lot of decent material on his Just & Sinner videos. I was aware of Cooper before watching this video. I find his material on traditional confessional Lutheran theology and practice to be interesting and engaging, even if I don’t always agree with his conclusions. Cooper was prompted to address what he perceives to be “racism” because of a flier placed on vehicles at PCA churches in response to their General Assembly’s Overture 43 on Racial Reconciliation. There is a certain irony in Cooper mentioning the Concerned Presbyterians flier in that it may inadvertently inject new life into the Concerned Presbyterians Facebook group.

Cooper begins by admitting that he never thought much about racism growing up in Massachusetts. One of his best friends was black (so we know that he can’t be a racist), and he never paid much attention to racial differences. Eventually Cooper realized, much to his dismay, that racism isn’t dead and that “some people still believe this stuff.” Cooper’s video specifically mentions Kinism as a “tiny minority” who are mostly confessional Presbyterian, but …

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