Marinov’s Attack on the Boers, Historical Christianity, and God’s Covenant: Part I

The “theonomic” cultural Marxist Bojidar Marinov has managed to abuse the horrific suffering that my own people are undergoing to launch yet another attack on Christianity and the West. In this two-part series I will proceed to cover Marinov’s lies, misrepresentations, and theological errors made in a recent podcast themed around his so-called “covenantal approach to history”, where Marinov refers to the South African government’s recent decision to proceed by taking white-owned land without compensation.

Marinov’s start seems somewhat promising. He admits: “It looks like the white farmers of South Africa have little hope to keep their land. And without compensation, the prospect before their families is certainly not bright.” As a white South African farmer, I appreciate Marinov’s recognition of the dire reality, but this only makes the attack on white Christendom he subsequently launches even worse.

Marinov continues to argue that open borders – in particular open borders for America – would have been an easy solution to the plight of the Boer people. Well, as nice as that sounds right now, it really wouldn’t be any solution at all, and Marinov’s suggestion is incredibly short-sighted. Closed borders are the only reason there are any free Christian nations …

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