Marinov’s Attack on the Boers, Historical Christianity, and God’s Covenant: Part II

Part I


In this second part of the series, we will continue looking at Marinov’s podcast on the Boers in South Africa and, in particular, his misrepresentation of history and misinterpretations of divine judgments.

Marinov argues that the government should be completely taken out of the immigration business and let “non-criminal people travel freely”. The obvious question, however, is how to define a “non-criminal individual” and how to practically distinguish them from criminal individuals. According to Marinov, those who practice and promote false religions such as Muslims are non-criminal individuals – so according to him, theonomy is all about implementing religious freedom for historic enemies of the Faith. Marinov hereby reveals that he has forsaken biblical ethics for secular ethics, since he obviously adheres to a non-biblical standard of criminality.

Marinov proceeds to propose a form of apartheid in America. He says: “Let non-criminal people travel and settle freely. Only control citizenship; maybe even deny them citizenship forever, who cares. Citizenship is only a privilege, not a right.” Under this scenario America could have an immense population – say, 500 million Africans – who could freely travel and move to America, but who could justly be denied citizenship forever. …

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