National Guard on the Border: Insult to Injury

By now, you’ve probably heard the news: President Trump is sending the National Guard to protect the U.S./Mexico border! The wall isn’t getting built, but by golly, Trump finally did something about the border, using the power of Washington for us rather than against us by heroically issuing orders that USNG take up the slack!

Or did he?

If you read the directive, there are no orders from a Commander and Chief, but instead a request to the Governors to call up the Guard on his behalf.

The Secretary of Defense shall request use of National Guard personnel to assist in fulfilling this mission, pursuant to section 502 of title 32, United States Code, and may use such other authorities as appropriate and consistent with applicable law.

A request is not an order. And Trump did things this way because the President has no legal authority to issue orders to the National Guard domestically and is prohibited from using federal troops for missions inside the United States. Instead, under Title 32, the Governor of a particular state is the Commander in Chief of the National Guard forces. This means that the state governors, not President Trump, will supervise the border …

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