New Hampshire Committee Approves Bill to Ban Release of Medical Marijuana Registry Information to Feds without a Warrant

CONCORD, N.H. (April 11, 2018) – Yesterday, a New Hampshire Senate committee passed a bill that would prohibit the release of any information from the state’s medical marijuana registry to the federal government without a warrant. Passage of the legislation would take another small step toward nullifying federal cannabis prohibition in effect.

A coalition of five representatives – two Libertarian, two Republican, and one Democrat – prefiled House Bill 1672 (HB1672) last November. The legislation would add the following language to existing privacy protections established for patients registered to use medicinal cannabis in the state.

“Requests by federal authorities for any information relative to users of therapeutic cannabis contained in the registry shall require a search warrant issued by a judge based on probable cause.”

On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed HB1672 with a do-pass recommendation and no amendments. The House approved the measure 313-18 last month.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants the federal government to crack down on medical marijuana. Currently, the Department of Justice is barred from spending funds to prosecute medical marijuana users in states that have legalized medicinal cannabis. Last May, Sessions sent a letter to congressional leadership emploring them to lift …

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