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SOUTH CAROLINA: Mother Suing S.C. Secessionist Party After Children Photographed Holding Confederate Flags

A North Charleston mother is suing the Secessionist Party of South Carolina after two of her children were photographed holding Confederate flag images and their pictures were posted on social media.

Supporters and members of the South Carolina Secessionist Party during a past Confederate battle flag display at White Point Garden in Charleston. File/Matthew Fortner/Staff

The children are both black and under the age of 10, and the post made them subject to ridicule, the suit says.

The event reportedly occurred last June at The Battery in downtown Charleston.

According to the lawsuit, filed by mother Alicia Greene, the Secessionist group was holding one of its many pro-flag rallies to spread “the love to All of our Southern Brothers and Sisters,” an invitation included in the court document states.

It was the same day that Secessionist Party leader James Bessenger was struck by a car during the event.

First-responders, including a firetruck, showed up, drawing the children’s attention. The family had been visiting White Point Garden for a picnic.

At one point, the children got away from the mother. Later that day, photographs began to appear on …

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