Reviewing the Plots Against the Clean Water/Clean Air Guy

NEW YORK—At first I was just like everyone else. Why would Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, need twelve extra highly trained SWAT-team-capable security guards and a $43,000 Maxwell Smart-style soundproof phone booth in his office?

The guy’s job is clean air and clean water, right? He’s heading the agency signed into law by Nixon after Lady Bird Johnson bitched for ten years about litter on the highways. He’s basically muscle for the garden clubs of America.

Why would the chief enforcer of stuff like the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act need to spend $1,641 on a short-hop, one-hour D.C.–to–New York flight because “security concerns” require him to be in first class at all times? (The logic here is not clear to me, since any dirty water/dirty air terrorists would presumably have to enter through the front passenger door. And if they’re especially sneaky anti-EPA undercover assassins, they would probably be wearing Chico State sweatshirts and sitting in coach. Scott needs to plant himself in row 47 or else he’ll have his back to the enemy!)

But now my eyes have been opened.

“Scott Pruitt needs a bulletproof vest, an armored limo, and three …

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