San Jacinto Day Celebration

This past weekend, my family decided to observe San Jacinto Day where it all began, at the San Jacinto Battle Monument.

Though rain constantly threatened to overtake the festivities, the weather never became so bad so as to cancel anything. In fact, it was a nice effect to see all those Lone Star Flags flying strongly in the breeze. Certainly, attendance didn’t seem to suffer from the slightly inclement weather, as the grounds were filled with guests from all over the state.

The event was marked by performances of a historic and cultural nature. There was the re-enactment of the battle of San Jacinto, which was very well done! Also, there was an excellent performance at the monument’s theater of an actor portraying Sam Houston recollecting the battle and other events of the life of our first popularly-elected president. Additionally, amid the zydeco music and the booths selling food, souvenirs, and other entertainments, there were dances (of the native, square, and German varieties) and costumed persons telling about events in Texas history, from the camel expedition and the exploits of the Republic’s Navy to native scouts and the buffalo soldiers. Altogether, it was a multifaceted spectacle.

The monument itself …

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