Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #33 Murfreesboro, TN

Want to know what the SCV is doing in the fight to save the honor of our Ancestors? While municipalities, states and various other governmental entities are scorning monuments, statues and memorials…..and wanting to drop any association they have with anything Confederate, the SCV is stepping up and in! Here a city wanted nothing more to do with the last rest of our Confederate Veterans. Disgraceful that it would shirk its duties, but they did. Don’t worry our Soldiers in eternal rest….we shall take it from here. #SCV

In August 2017, the city of Chattanooga announced that they wanted to divest themselves as the Trustees of the Confederate Cemetery in Chattanooga. Immediately the local Camp, Tennessee Division and SCV National started working with the City of Chattanooga to become the Trustees. This past Monday, April 9th the City of Chattanooga and the SCV appeared before a Chancery Court judge in Hamilton County and the newly formed “Veterans Cemetery Trust” was given control of the cemetery. This newly formed Trust is comprised of all SCV members, with the three Trustees being from the local Chattanooga Camp, the Tennessee Division Commander and SCV National properties manager. It has taken 8 months of …

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