The Amerikan Vision: Virtue Signaling, Inquisitions & SJW Appeal

Should Christians promote “Social Justice”?

Should we become “Social Justice Warriors”?

Should we take up the “Social Justice” flag as a big red banner around which to rally? (And let’s face it: That particular banner is very red.)

Or are we better served (and better serving others) by standing clearly against the SJW vibe and in defense of biblical justice – also known from a Christian worldview perspective as “just plain justice“?

Are we perhaps better served and better serving those around us by proclaiming and pursuing the many clear and important distinctions between “just plain justice” and “Social Justice”?

Whatever our answers to these questions, it seems reasonable and even necessary to notice when pro-SJW terminology – terminology routinely employed by groups and individuals who actively and openly move to undermine the Church – seems to be increasingly embraced and employed by a once trusted organization which, in recent years, has become entangled with and supportive of movements that many (rightly or wrongly) perceive as actively, openly moving to undermine the God-ordained structure, authority, and discipline of the Church.

Wherever one stands on any of these particulars, these are not unreasonable connections to at least consider; they are

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