The Amygdala and a Dollop of Ambiguity

A 2015 Atlantic article delves into the incredible changes that occur in a woman’s body and brain during pregnancy and post-partum. Learning the intricacies of the body’s responses to stimuli and life changes can truly be fascinating, but, as I discussed with my husband, the article does nothing but explain in minute detail a very plain and natural concept that our forebears understood without need of microscopes and academic studies. Namely, that a mother who is not interested in her children literally has a brain defect.

Closely involved in this topic is a part of the brain that is, ironically, smaller in liberals and “global citizens”: the amygdala. In general, the amygdala allows us to understand appropriate fear, anxiety, or aggression. It also is a factor in our memory, in the sense that we remember being burned by the stove, so we have an appropriate “fear” of a hot stove from then on.

In a typical leftist brain, the amygdala is less developed. Or, as the Left likes to put it, the conservative brain is more “primitive.” Progress is so fun, isn’t it?

Ironically, when it came out that the size and function of the amygdala differed …

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