The Gospel Coalition Is an SJW Dumpster Fire

As someone relatively unfamiliar with present-day evangelicalism, I took a dive into the Gospel Coalition’s website recently and was taken aback by what the organization advocates. What is most notable about the organization’s U.S. website is its conspicuous placement of items designed to allure and appease women, non-whites, and non-heterosexuals. Yes, I said non-heterosexuals. Look, this is simple marketing. It’s hard to come up with a reason to title a book review, “A Christian Case for Transgenderism?” other than to tempt readers to click on the article out of either shock and horror, or a desire to see transgenderism justified.

The hipster-style edginess of TGC is obvious in clickbaity titles such as “Which Kind of Monster are You?”, “Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Musicians?”, and “Marriage Is Built to End.” It’s as if the website’s proprietors were perpetually watching reruns of Seinfeld and Friends. Newsflash: the ’90s are over. Shock and edginess are mainstream, overdone, and passe. Which is why your critics such as the intelligent Twitter user @Woke_TGC are booming in popularity.

TGC hides its feminism and anti-white bigotry in plain sight with snarky panache. “Why Are Christian Women More Religious Than Christian Men?” asks a …

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