The Need for Political Theology

The site linked below is definitely worthy of bookmarking, and this article is remarkable.

It calls for a comprehensive political theology in keeping with the doctrine of sphere sovereignty, for which the writers of Faith & Heritage have long argued. In our time, this old Protestant doctrine has been replaced by what they call “moral witness,” which is essentially about staying far away from politics for anything that would help white people, and instead participating in “social justice” initiatives on behalf of non-whites. This is why men like Russell Moore would never take sides on anything considered “Republican” but will fawn all over MLK and gloat about his political accomplishments as gospel issues.

We’ve seen for a long time how Alienists have changed passages like 1 Peter 2 into a “new race” that replaces the old, meaning the church supplants all other earthly allegiances. (They still think family is important, but not for having anything to do with blood.)

This feeds into a defeatist mentality, such that Trump is “on the wrong side of Jesus,” but MLK wasn’t. It’s also closely tied to the lowest common denominator approach to evangelical political involvement. Thus, Christians (at least …

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