The Rise of the Multi-Level Marketing Mommies

First there was cry for women to have a vote. Then there was the rush for women to leave the traditional family structure and set out in the workforce. Once en masse in the workforce, and with the idea pushed that women are just as capable as men in running businesses and nations, women began to sense that the home could continue just as fine without her there full time. Inevitably, with the weight of a job, a husband, and children, women were posed (and are still posed to this very day on an individual basis) with a dilemma: give up work, or give up family.

To a degree each person is inherently selfish. We desire to feel good, look good, and be good at what we do. Being a spouse and parent is difficult work, and many times, between the child crying, the heirloom being damaged, and the finances being dismal, we married parent folk ask ourselves: wouldn’t it have been easier without kids?

The true answer is, really, “Yes.” I wouldn’t have to buckle screaming children into the car for errands. I wouldn’t have to remember to bring along a mule-sized bag full of diapers, wipes, snacks, and …

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