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Can there be anything more beautiful and inspiring than a large Confederate Battle flag flying high above the highway? I just saw the latest one flying just outside of Charlottesville. My thanks to the Virginia Flaggers, the SCV camps, and other Southern Patriots who have raised these flags. As I drove towards Charlottesville it was truly uplifting to see the Cross of St. Andrew waving in the breeze. In just another few minutes, I saw something that gave me even greater joy. As I entered the City, I saw Generals Lee and Jackson proudly mounted on Traveller and Little Sorrel. After so much time it was truly magnificent to see them freed from their garbage bag imprisonment.

Yesterday, April 11, 2018, marked another day in court. Most of the discussion centered around who will be responsible to pay any fees if they are awarded. It is our hope that the council members themselves will be held responsible. They clearly knew that they were voting to commit an action in violation of Virginia Law. It will not mean much to them if they make restitution with tax dollars as is the usual case.

No date was set for …

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