Why is “The College Experience” so good at producing skanks, idiots, and SJW snowflakes?

College campuses have long been known and even openly celebrated as massive dens of debauchery, a place where “kids” go to “sow their wild oats” and enjoy “the college experience”, which is assumed to include indulging in all manner of sexual depravity and substance abuse. The basic idea is (and has been for longer than I’ve been alive) that late-teens should not only be treated as children where expectations are concerned, but they should be downright encouraged to seize the “opportunity” to openly rebel against God by diving deep into the sewer of sexual perversion and drunkenness, among other things, all while being given a pass by society since “that’s just what kids do”.

After generations of this approach, we’ve arrived at a predictably disgusting, pathetic destination, a place in which the most routinely and reliably produced human product flowing from American college campuses are skanks, idiots, and snowflakes.

While there are some positive products managing to make it through the same system, the expected norm for college product as become morally perverted, staggeringly ignorant perpetual adolescents who are also staggeringly proud and impressed with themselves and quite certain that, if the universe does not currently revolve around them, it …

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