3 Things To Remember When Public School Teachers Go On Strike For Pay Raises

Public school product just gets worse and worse.

Trusted old cover-up tools like grade inflation aren’t getting the job done anymore.

Wave after wave of super-confident and proud, yet stunningly ignorant and incompetent public school product is washing over the culture, and no matter how many artificial A’s and participation trophies are handed out, there’s just no hiding the fact that American public schools are idiot factories (or, if you prefer, State-managed assembly lines for corporation-compliant cogs).

So what’s a public school teacher to do?

What’s a State-certified “professional” sculptor of children’s minds to do as the wheels come off and the farce of their system is exposed?

Why, demand a pay raise, of course!

And tons more money for public schools in general!

Oh yeah, that’s the ticket!

As stark raving crazy as that may sound, it’s exactly the approach being taken even now all across America as the pervasive awfulness of American public schools becomes more and more clear to more and more people.

As if yesterday’s report chronicling the abysmal performance of American public school students wasn’t enough on its own to nudge people out of the State-controlled darkness and into the privately and voluntarily fueled light …

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