Abbott’s School Safety Plan Ignores Federal Enabling of Violence

In the wake of the Santa Fe school shooting, Governor Abbott reveals a new plan to secure Texas schools, and he may even call for a special session of the legislature to get it done as soon as possible. However, is the way the governor’s addressing this issue also ignoring the federal elephant in the room?

According to the Governor’s “School and firearm Safety Action Plan,” if passed, it will focus on increasing “law enforcement presence at schools,” increasing training for a shooter situation, providing for better identification and removal of possible threats, requesting federal aid to improve school safety, improving “mental health crisis response infrastructure,” and a host of other ideas that make up this 40 point product of the Governor’s “roundtable meetings” on the subject. And while the plan still needs to be analyzed for its feasibility, affordability, and its effect on the Liberty of Texans, there are some sensitive areas that pop up as obvious concerns.

First, the program calls for increased monitoring of Texas citizens. This is always a precarious place to allow government, as we’ve seen from the recent federal scandals involving gathering data on Americans without a warrant. Part of Abbott’s plan

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