Amerikan Visionary Suggests Million Pope March On Christian Education Conference

Ever had the urge to protest a bunch of unrepentantly backward-thinking yahoos who just won’t get with your Social Justice program?

Ever had the itch to picket a Christian conference on education that won’t submit to the hierarchal ranking of sin as decreed by your Great Leader(s)?

Ever been bit so bad by the SJW bug that you just had to dedicate at least a day or two to hurling The Race Card at a group of pseudo-Christians who actually have the nerve to disagree with your ideas on sin hierarchy and church composition?

If so, I’ve got some good news for you: The Pope is mobilizing.

Or, to be more precise, the wannabe Popes are mobilizing, with said wannabes in this scenario being zealous members of the Marinovian Industrial Complex, a group of self-described Christian Reconstructionists who are out to reshape Christendom in a way that liberates it from the other Ministerial Industrial Complexes that have failed to live up to (or is that down to?) the standards of the Marinovian Industrial Complex, whose increasingly SJW, church-undermining views are most prominently disseminated by way of Reconstructionist Radio and The American Vision. (For more context and detail on …

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