Billboard Featuring Confederate General Stonewall Jackson Installed in Downtown Charlottesville

The Virginia Flaggers are pleased to announce the installation of another billboard in downtown Charlottesville! This one features a Judy Smith Photography photo of the Thomas J “Stonewall” Jackson monument in Jackson Park, and a quote from the general.
We love how it turned out and are excited about plans for more of these across the Commonwealth!  This one will be honoring Jackson and upsetting the radicals in Charlottesville for the entire month of May.  😉

The Virginia Flaggers would like to offer special thanks to the UVA alumnus who contacted us and offered to sponsor this billboard after the first one debuted last year,  and to all of you whose generous support make all of our flag and heritage defense (and offense!) projects possible. 

God bless the eternal memory of Stonewall Jackson, and God save the South!

Read more at the Virginia Flaggers site
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