City of Oakland Passes Ordinance Taking on Surveillance State

OAKLAND, Calif. (May 21, 2018) – Last Tuesday, the Oakland City Council gave final approval to a local ordinance that sets the stage to limit the acquisition and use of spy gear by law enforcement and other city agencies.

The new ordinance ensures there will be public notice and debate before the city acquires or uses surveillance technology. Specifically, the new law requires all city entities to seek city council approval before purchasing or using any new surveillance technology or equipment, and before accepting grant funds for such gear. The new law creates a multi-step process. City agencies, including police, must submit a “surveillance use policy” to the Privacy Advisory Commission for consideration. The city council must then adopt the approved policy the technology can be purchased or operated. The ordinance includes specific criteria the city council must consider in order to determine if the benefits of the technology outweigh the costs.

The ordinance requires that current surveillance technology must undergo a similar public review and approval process.

The new law specifically includes provisions that forbid non-disclosure agreements and protect whistleblowers. It also requires an “Annual Surveillance Report” detailing how surveillance approved technologies were used, how data was collected …

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