Could the Murder of Alfie Evans Happen in Texas?

Recently, Texans watched the news, horrified, as the state-run healthcare system in the United Kingdom demonstrated how they can supersede parental authority by killing two-year-old Alfie Evans. The sick boy had his ventilator removed by court order, and although Alfie continued to fight for his little life, the boy ultimately lost his battle, dying five days after also being denied food and water.

Pundits and socialized medicine advocates were quick to defend the decision to kill Alfie. As if attempting to channel Spock from Star Trek, they essentially claim that “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…or the one.” In other words, the state can kill you if it decides you cost too much. Such a thing is horrible enough, to be stripped your humanity and reduced to a line-item in a government budget, but this wasn’t exactly the case for Alfie, nor Charlie Gard before him. In these cases, both boys had outside funds and treatments offered as a donation by people and countries of good-will. And even though treatment might have been to some degree a hail-Mary, giving the children a chance wouldn’t have cost the UK anything. However, the UK government …

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