Equality Over Orthodoxy: Evangelicals Gather to Carry On the Legacy of Martin Luther King

Our readers are well-acquainted with the ongoing apostasy of what remains of “conservative” evangelicalism, in which traditional orthodoxy is being casually set aside in favor of equality. Evangelicals have taken to worshiping the ancient idol of equality under the influence of her modern false prophet “Doctor” Martin Luther King, Jr. King masqueraded as a Christian clergyman during the so-called Civil Rights movement. Genuine Christians always recognized and opposed King’s radical agenda, but King’s egalitarian beliefs have gradually infected formerly conservative Protestant denominations such as the PCA, which was even founded in direct opposition to the radicalism of the “Civil Rights movement.”

The evidence of radicalization was on prominent display during the recent MLK50 Conference, which insisted that King’s message of “racial unity” is a “Gospel issue” as well as the Together for the Gospel conference (they use the abbreviation T4G so you know that they are real hip and relevant), which similarly paid homage to the deceased prophet. Matt Chandler’s church produced this new worship song which lays to rest the notion that contemporary “Christian” music isn’t compromised with the world. The lyrics elevate King to the status of an inspired prophet and incorporate cultural Marxist …

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