FaceExit and TEXIT: Self-Determination in the Micro and Macro

It is no secret to the technologically advanced world that Facebook, the social media platform, has recently fallen under much scrutiny over user privacy issues and data-mining.  Additionally, the platform has also been severely criticized for adding a variety of obstacles to suppress non left-wing political content, making it difficult for its producers to reach their target audiences. This has led to an increasing number of more right-leaning individuals and organizations to file complaints against Facebook over what appears to be censorship. Ultimately, the conclusion many users have drawn is that they will never get a fair-shake on Facebook, resulting in an exodus from Facebook to alternative social media platforms. The great #FaceExit may be under way. And, in an age when interest in self-determination is growing in popularity, what we as individuals do as we re-examine our support for a giant social media platforms may have parallels on what we do corporately as the world is re-examines its commitment to giant political unions.

Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller has joined some of the detractors of Facebook in checking out MeWe, a competing social media platform that boasts “We don’t track you personally and we never sell your …

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