Federal Ruling on Trump’s Twitter: 1 More Example of Judicial Fiat

Just when you thought the federal judiciary couldn’t get any screwier, they find new ways to surprise you. Yesterday, federal Judge Naomi Buchwald ruled that President Donald Trump violated the first amendment by blocking users on Twitter.

The crux of the ruling centered on the assertion that Trump’s tweets were “’governmental in nature’” and should be considered a forum for the public. Understand, we are not just talking about Trump’s POTUS account, we are referring to his “personal Twitter account.”

While it’s true that Twitter is a new type of platform for communication that the founders never dreamed of, and it is heavily used as a PR medium for government, the following facts remain:

Trump’s Twitter account is not a utility of the federal government.

With official government forums on Twitter, Facebook, or other exclusive federal sites, regulation of access and content would be expected. However, this is not the case where a public servant’s personal account is concerned. It’s one thing to disallow banning from official government accounts, it’s another to say this extends to personal accounts as well. Sure, all public servants acquire new restrictions on their behavior as a condition of their employment, such as not …

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