Guns, The South and Waffle House

On April 22, on the outskirts of Nashville, yet another young white American male wielded yet another AR-15 he should not have possessed, and committed yet another mass murder in yet another public place. While four more black lives were randomly blown to bits, and several others were saved in a heroic act by the 29-year-old Clay Shaw Jr., what most people will remember about this incident – if they remember it at all – is the half-naked killer who fled and eluded police for 34 hours.

Cable news loves a good chase story, of course, and this one was a whopper. Not only was a heavily armed “seminude” murderer on the loose in Middle Tennessee, he was the same guy who tried to breach the White House perimeter last summer, identifying himself as a “sovereign citizen” who needed to have a word with President Trump. The story only got weirder: the 29-year-old Travis Reinking was also, it seems, convinced that Taylor Swift was stalking him. And while Reinking’s copious firearms had been taken away after his White House incident, his father had legally reclaimed them, and returned them to …

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