How Dispensationalism Drives Christian Apathy

One of the most infuriating and persistent problems that typifies modern Christianity is the attitude of apathy. Most Christians are unaware of just how dire things have become in the world, and if they do know, most of them do not care. Whites have been lulled into slumber by the many circuses that consume their daily lives. Sports and entertainment have proven to be effective distractions from the real perils that we face as our civilization collapses around us. When whites do summon the motivation to make a difference, most of this energy is channeled into political activism, but even politics is little more than just another Western sport, the outcome of which changes almost nothing. Even disturbing trends that seem to assure perpetual liberal ascendancy don’t seem to disturb conservative whites who repeatedly console themselves that they will “get ‘em next time.”

That non-Christian whites would be apathetic to their own displacement is more understandable. After all, non-Christians lack a coherent worldview that places any objective meaning on national identity. What I don’t understand is how white Christians can be so indifferent to their own dispossession. In my experience, even when white Christians acknowledge that current trends are …

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