Hypocrisy: World’s Biggest Arms Dealer Restricts Your Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Politics is rife with hypocrisy. For instance, Washington D.C. continues to gradually clamp down on your right to keep and bear arms while simultaneously operating as the biggest arms dealer in the world.

Hands clasped, politicians, lobbyists, media, pundits and the war machine move as one. Their jobs depend on it. Individually they don’t have enough power to dominate the public. But together they form a network of influence.

This cabal operates under some restraint in a democratic republic. To some extent, it needs the consent of the governed. This is where my frustration begins: Even if I do not consent, I am told I must still abide.

It reminds me of a scene in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged in which the state believes it can take a man’s property because doing so will serve a beneficial public purpose. As Rand said, a burglar also thinks another man’s property is better suited for his own needs. The difference, according to Rand, is that the victim is never expected to excuse the burglar. But, victims of the state are expected to excuse the state, assume the existence of a greater good, and accept it.

Scenarios like this play out every day …

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