Illegal Alien Sodomized A 7-Year-Old Boy

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA (The Lawrenceville Patch) – A Buford resident was convicted Wednesday of two counts of child molestation after an 11 year old said the man molested him about four years before, according to the Gwinnett County District Attorney’s Office.

Edgar Rivera-Lopez is being held at the Gwinnett County Jail for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials and will face an immigration hearing and possible deportation.

On June 4, 2015, Gwinnett County Police Officers were dispatched to investigate child molestation after an 11-year-old said Rivera-Lopez molested him four years earlier. The boy told officers that Rivera-Lopez put his penis in anus on multiple occasions. He also revealed that Rivera-Lopez placed his lips on the child’s penis.

The boy’s mother told officers that she was close friends with the Rivera-Lopez’s mother and the families see each other often. She said that her son had trouble sleeping and became withdrawn. The boy was taken to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and evaluated by a sexual assault nurse practitioner. The sexual assault evaluation revealed evidence of sexual abuse.

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