Illinois Committee Approves Measure to Legalize Industrial Hemp Despite Federal Prohibition

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (May 9, 2018) – Yesterday, an Illinois House committee unanimously passed a bill that would legalize industrial hemp in the state and take a first step toward nullifying federal prohibition of the plant in effect.

Sen. Tori Hutchinson (D-Chicago Heights) introduced Senate Bill 2298 (SB2298) in January. The legislation would legalize industrial hemp in Illinois by removing it from the list of controlled substances and implement a licensing program for the cultivation of the plant. It appears the state intends to create a federally compliant “research only” licensing program. A provision in the bill requires applicants to a “provide a description of one or more research purposes planned for the cultivation of industrial hemp which may include the study of the growth, cultivation, or marketing of industrial hemp.”

But the proposed law does not slam the door on commercial sales of hemp.

“The research purpose requirement shall not be construed to limit the commercial sale of industrial hemp.”

On Tuesday, the House  Agriculture & Conservation Committee passed SB2298 by a 15-0 vote with a technical amendment. Last month, the Senate passed the measure 50-0.

Despite the fact that the proposed law would attempt to …

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