Ireland Shows That Multiculturalism = Godlessness

A pattern has consistently exhibited itself in the West over the past decades following WWII: increased multiculturalism inevitably leads to increased godlessness. Let’s take the Republic of Ireland as an example.

Ireland’s demographics have drastically changed. According to the latest figures (2016), 8% of Ireland’s population is non-white – the highest percentage in history. Between 2011 and 2016, the irreligious population doubled, while the self-identifying Christian share of the population dropped by nearly 6 percentage points to 83%. In 2016, the Irish birth rate also dropped below replacement levels for the first time in history. Last year, Ireland even got a prime minister who is a homosexual of Indian ancestry. He naturally supports both sodomarriage and abortion.

All this coincides with Ireland’s legalization of sodomarriage by popular referendum in 2015 (by 62%) and now abortion on demand (by 69%), In both cases, the younger, more multicultural, and less white generation represented the strongest yes-vote.

Ireland has clearly forsaken the Christian religion and Christian morality as it has become more racially diverse. In fact, the leftist capitalization on this demographic weakening of Ireland is so thorough, that one commentator for The Guardian wrote shortly before the abortion referendum:


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