Kinism: The Only Hope for Racial Reconciliation

All bred within the Anglosphere should be familiar with the idiom “mending fences” which Oxford Dictionary of Quotations dates to a mid-seventeenth-century proverb. But remarkably, in the popular subverted culture, this saying seems to have outlived its own meaning, as it is now invoked antonymously: in the new vernacular, to speak of ‘mending fences’ means tearing down all fences, and condemning to hell any who would dare actually mend a fence. For the Alienist, the sentiment of Robert Frost’s Mending Wall — that “good fences make good neighbors” — is the definition of hate and the zenith of evil.

This comes across clearly in Ligon Duncan’s homily at T4G, “The Whole in Our Holiness.” Duncan takes the position that maintaining fences between peoples is a violation of the “second commandment” (by which he meant the second greatest commandment). More comically still, but in keeping with his transvaluation of language, he defines holiness (lit., “separateness,” or, dare I say, “segregation”) as its proximate antonym — amalgam.

Neither do Carl Trueman and the OPC prove any help at all. Carl dedicates an entire article contra PC virtue-signalling only to virtue-signal to the same people. And despite his dissembling,

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